“Like the sea-run Steelhead salmon that thrashes upstream to its spawning ground, then instead of dying, returns to the sea – Salmon Poetry Press brings precious cargo to both Ireland and America in the poetry it publishes, then carries that select work to its readership against incalculable odds.”
Tess Gallagher

Salmon Poetry, taking its name from the Salmon of Knowledge in Celtic mythology, was established in 1981 as an alternative voice in Irish literature. The Salmon, a journal of poetry and prose was a flagship for writers in the west of Ireland, and Salmon’s first books, Gonella by Eva Bourke and Goddess on the Mervue Bus by Rita Ann Higgins broke new ground for women poets. Since then, Salmon’s reach has expanded internationally, with over 600 volumes of poetry by Irish and international poets being produced, and Salmon has become one of the most important publishers in the Irish literary world. By specialising in the promotion of new poets, particularly women poets, Salmon has enriched Irish literary publishing. 

This website – Salmonpoetry40.com – has been devised as part of Salmon’s 40th anniversary celebrations, to showcase 365 poems by Salmon poets, with one poem appearing on the website every day over 365 days, while also being shared to our social media accounts each day.

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