Day 50 of 365 – Aideen Henry


Month’s Mind / Cuimhniú Míos


Month’s Mind

There’s a piece
of me
in that coffin.

I cannot dismount,

I cannot unthink what I know
he will think of each thing
I see.

What he will say in reply
to each thought
I speak.

The part of my mind where his thoughts
and responses live,

Its neural mirror, my being within his,
now untwinned,

I am now the sole receptacle
of what was


Cuimhniú Míos

Tá píosa
sa chónra san.

Ní féidir liom tuirlingt
ná an grá
a scaoileadh.

Ní fhéadaim gan smaoineamh
ar a smaoineodh seisean
faoin uile ní dá dtugaim faoi ndeara.

Cad déarfaidh sé mar fhreagra
ar an uile mhachnamh
a labhairimse.

Maireann an áit i m’aigne
ina gcónaíonn a smaointe
is a nathanna cainte.

Anois, gan a leathchúpla,
leachtaíonn a scáthán néarógach,
mo áit in a aigne.

Is mise an chomhra aonair
don domhan fairsing torthúil
a bhí eadrainn.


From Slow Bruise
by Aideen Henry
Published by Salmon in 2015
Copyright © Aideen Henry 2015



Aideen Henry lives in Galway and works as a writer and a physician. She was shortlisted for the 2009 Hennessy X.O. Literary Awards for poetry. Her first collection of poetry, Hands Moving at the Speed of Falling Snow, was published in 2010 by Salmon Poetry. She also writes short fiction and her debut collection of short stories, Hugging Thistles, was published by Arlen House in 2013.

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