Day 35 of 365 – Owen Gallagher

Straight Up


When she grasped what I considered big,
stuttered Is that it?
I fumbled with the zip.

For a decade I thought myself unfit,
destined to drift
with lads unable to get onto the pitch.

Until I was referred to a page-turner
for the inadequate,
What men can do with or without it.

If things for us go amiss, let us persist
with this artificial aid –
which I believe is strapped on like this.


From A Good Enough Love
by Owen Gallagher
Published by Salmon in 2015
Copyright © Owen Gallagher 2015



Owen Gallagher was born in Gorbals, Glasgow. He has family in Donegal and Leitrim and lives in London, where he worked as a primary teacher in Southall. His poems have been widely published in Ireland, Britain and abroad. He has won poetry competitions and awards for poetry from the London Arts Board and The Society of Authors. His poems have been displayed on London buses and in public places in Ireland, and were placed on the Listening Wall, at the Southbank Centre, London, as part of the Poetry International Festival, 2014.

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